Welcome to the Pet Stop Professional Pet-Sitting Service, LLC.!

We’re happy to have you here! Your dedicated Pet Stop professional since 1996.


We are a client based pet-sitting service that comes exclusively to the pets’ home environment.

The Pet Stop is a limited liability corporation that was established through the Oregon Secretary of State in 2001. However, The Pet Stop has been providing exceptional pet-sitting services since 1996.


We can help meet your needs:

• Going on vacation?
• Work long hours?
• Need a reliable dog walker?
• Love ’em but can’t be with ’em?

Our pet-sitting hours are from 5:30am to 10pm daily, 365 days a year. The Pet Stop provides exclusive in home pet-sitting services at your residence. Pets stay happy at home and you come home to happy pets! Our consultation is always free.


The Pet Stop cares for a variety of animals

…including (but not limited to) dogs, cats, birds, fish, ferrets, guinea pigs, pot belly pigs, reptiles, rabbits, horses, llamas and the like.

The Pet Stop keeps pets happy throughout Central Oregon. Our primary service locations include Eagle Crest, Redmond, Sisters and the nearby surrounding areas.

Member of PSI Since 1996

The Pet Stop was founded in August of 1996 and has since been a member of Pet Sitters International. We've strived to increase our knowledge of proper pet-sitting protocol, professional standards and ethics in our field. Pet Sitters International has helped us accomplish these goals with our ongoing membership through the years. As the industry of professional pet-sitting has grown and evolved, The Pet Stop has implemented the most contemporary best practices. We've become the most sophisticated pet-sitting service in part thanks to PSI.

Bonded and Insured

The Pet Stop takes pet care in your home very seriously. While we love the joy of animal companionship, our top priority is your pets' safety as well as the safety of your home and belongings. The Pet Stop has been bonded and insured since 1996 and always will be.

Professional References

We believe the best way a prospective client can learn about The Pet Stop is to call our long-standing clients. All of our professional references have been clients for at least three years. Our references will be happy to tell you exactly what you can expect from us.

Honesty and Integrity

Our best emotional partnerships in pet-sitting are honesty and integrity. We love what we do and we do what we love. To us, the most important qualities in the business equation is an honest and trustworthy approach to the service we provide every single day.


The Pet Stop has provided professional pet-sitting services since August 1996. Since that time, we have come into a confident understanding of how to provide excellent pet care. We value our clients and take clear notes during the initial consultation to make sure we understand exactly what's needed during the pet-sitting account. This includes any medications, feeding routines and the play schedules you outline for your pets.

The Pet Stop has long standing, supportive relationships with Pet Sitters International, Performing Animal Welfare Society and Petfinder.com. These organizations are an important part of The Pet Stop’s history in terms of education and alliance. We believe that part of business success originates from generosity and recognition of other like minded organizations. These organizations focus on animals in need, whether it be pet-sitting, rescue or sanctuary. It isn’t necessarily the type of animals served, but rather the assistance and education these organizations provide that matters.

logo_pet_sitters_internatioFrom PSI we’ve learned about the general care of birds, horses and other small pocket pets as well as cats and dogs. We’ve also learned some basic signs of potential illnesses in these animals.


PAWS_logo2From PAWS we see humanity at it’s best.PAWS recruits animals from the circus and exotic pet trade. PAWS offers sanctuary to these amazing animals that include lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys, cougars, panthers and many more. PAWS offers safe haven to many different types of species of abandon exotic animals. Thank you, PAWS!!!

logo_petfinderPetfinder.com is just that. Need a pet? Find one on Petfinder.com. While you may not find a brand new pure breed puppy, you’ll likely connect with something better: A trained, well adjusted, lonely pet looking for their forever home.

Commitment. Google has exponentially exploded our world with access to anything, including pet-sitters. But what truly makes The Pet Stop different is our commitment to you. We believe in absolute customer service. We believe in attention to detail coupled with an inherent love of all animals. We’re different because of our personal touch. We understand our investment in your pets is an investment in part of your family. We are committed to meeting your expectations in service and in care of your animals. We are vested in fostering communication with our clients that provide us feedback and understanding of how we can serve you better.

Reliability and accessibility. Part of what sets us aside in the pet-sitting industry is our reliability. It is truly as simple as when The Pet Stop commits, you have our word that we will be there! We also feel it is very important to make ourselves very available to you. Our clients can always communicate with us through phone, email, text message or even Skype during your account. We’re here for you.

Affordability. The Pet Stop’s basic pet-sitting rate hasn’t increased in almost six years. We keep our rates low so it’s affordable to anyone who needs professional pet care.

How Our Service Works

The Pet Stop exclusively provides in home pet-sitting and dog-walking services. First, we'll schedule a consultation at your home to go over the fine details of your pet care account. We'll provide you the opportunity to ask any questions and we'll present you with our professional references. Once an account service is scheduled, we'll e-mail you a confirmation of the service dates. Once your pet-sitting service begins, you can contact us at any time during your absence. Our aim is for you to feel assured and comfortable during your time away. We're here for you!
Unique services we offer at no additional cost:
  • Medication administration, including insulin injections
  • Specialized food preparation requiring blending, cutting or mixing of supplements and ingredients such as vegetables, meats, broths, etc.
  • Mail retrieval with garbage & recycling curbside service
  • Personalized dog-walking programs
  • Watering of house and garden plants
  • Detailed written pet journal, text messages, email and or/phone calls
  • General inspection of your home for temperature, safety and security
  • General assessment of your pet's well-being daily
  •  No additional charges for weekends, holidays or late night visits
  • Dog-walking or pet playtime with each Pet Stop