Meet Your Pet Stop Professionals


DSC03869Michelle acquired her love for animals as a child living in Delta, Colorado. For as long as she remembers she has always enjoyed being near and caring for any creature with fur, fins, scales or feathers! Ironically Michelle was not allowed to have pets growing up, but luckily her grandparents had a farm with a complete animal menagerie. Her first “real” pet was Rosie, whom she received as a gift when she was 19 years old. Rosie was a beautiful gray tabby and dear friend who passed away August 2003. She will be missed forever.

Michelle has a deep respect and appreciation for all living, non-human creatures. Serving animals is what makes her feel best! Michelle takes immense pride and dignity in her daily work and strives for excellence every day in the quality of care she delivers. Her commitment to creativity, professionalism and integrity shine bright in all of her interactions with clients, veterinarians and local business owners.

Michelle earned a Bachelor of Science from Portland State University in 1996. She completed her major study in the field of Psychology and took a variety of other interesting coursework including Sociology, Writing and Philosophy. She originally opened The Pet Stop in August of the same year in Beaverton, OR and successfully operated it there until she moved to Salem in January of 1999.

The Salem Pet Stop was born again in August of 2001 with the same fervor and entrepreneurial spirit in the Willamette Valley. Michelle operated the Salem Pet Stop from June 2001 through November 4, 2007 when her family moved to Redmond.  Michelle is excited to regenerate The Pet Stop in spectacular Central Oregon.  Michelle is experienced, reliable and has many personal and professional references from her many years of dedicated service to animals.  The Pet Stop references, bond and insurance information are presented at every initial client meeting.  She very much looks forward to meeting you and your special pets!


Learn more about where Michelle went to college, visit Portland State University online!



cap_patrick_clem_lakePatrick is the sole bookkeeper, tax accountant and chief business advisor for The Pet Stop. He acquired a distinguished Baccalaureate of Arts degree from Willamette University in Business Economics in 1992. Patrick also has impressive experience and background in fiscal principles and investment concepts. He has taken additional course work for personal interest in tax preparation and state government operations since receiving his college education.


Patrick also shares a deep appreciation for animals. His favorite pet as a youngster was his dog Mac who was a cute, scruffy terrier mix. Mac and Patrick shared many happy years together as best friends in their hometown of Menlo Park, California. Patrick is also a zealous sports fan. He currently officiates a combination of high school and college basketball as well as adult softball.

Patrick is very proud of his role and duties as a Pet Stop Professional. He combines his respect for animals with his affinity for handling technical and financial business matters. If you happen to speak with Patrick when you call The Pet Stop you’ll be delighted at his friendly approach and interest in you and your pet care needs. Give him a call today!


Learn more about where Patrick went to college, visit Willamette University online!