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The Big Bahoo

The Big Bahoo


Get Fit!

You can count on The Pet Stop to provide the very best dog-walking services in Central Oregon.  We’ll tailor your program based on the needs and abilities of your special dog.  It’s our goal to help your animals stay fit  or get fit. 

The Pet Stop schedules daily dog walks during normal M-F work hours between 11AM and 4PM. However, we routinely make alternate dog-walking curriculums for clients that work non-traditional hours that require evening, early morning or weekend service. Each dog walk lasts 30-45 minutes depending on the fitness level of your special friend. We cater to the diverse energy needs of the veracious young puppy to the older canine and anything in between.

Whether it’s walking, playing ball or just plain companionship time, we’re ready to serve. See the difference 30 minutes a day with us will make in your dog’s health, emotional well-being and quality of life. Give us a call today!