Mission Statement


To implement the highest standard of competency, care and companionship to the pets we provide for and to exceed the expectations of the client to ensure their complete and overall satisfaction.

Business Philosophy

The Pet Stop embraces clients as the absolute most important asset to our vision of success and growth. When you establish a business relationship with our company, you will be treated professionally, respectfully and enthusiastically in every interaction.

Our slogan “How Can We Serve Your Pet-Sitting Needs Today?” is one we take very seriously. We want to talk to you and identify how to best serve you and your pet’s needs. It’s exactly what’s important and it’s what we do!

  • We are committed to building strong, professional relationships with our clients that foster trust and credibility.
  • We are interested in serving animals to the best of our ability.
  • We strive to show our clients at every opportunity how important they are to our success, community, reputation and growth.

Kiss me, will ya?



Spott and Nott (or is it the other way around?)