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 Help the Animals

These excellent organizations provide unique, indispensable services and sanctuary to every type of animal. The Pet Stop fully supports each institution and encourages you to explore the important information contained within their websites. These non-profit businesses are priceless in regards to the services and aid they offer. Please help spread the word of the wonderful things they advocate and accomplish for the animal community.




Performing Animal Welfare Society

PAWS is an exotic animal sanctuary in Galt California that provides several hundred acres of natural environment and habitat for abused and abandoned animals. These animals are mostly surrendered or confiscated from canned hunts and circuses. Some animals come from zoos or captured from illegal industries or people in the exotic pet trade. The individual animals and their stories will absolutely touch your heart. They also need your support!

sosha4SOSHA (Mountain Lion) receives a Christmas donation from The Pet Stop every year. We wish we could do so much more! Below is Sosha’s bio as posted by the PAWS website. It’s heartbreaking but thank goodness for the wonderful people at PAWS!

Sosha was found in the basement of a crack house in Detroit during a routine raid by federal agents. He was being kept as a “guard dog.” After the raid, he was taken to the Michigan Humane Society and was later placed at PAWS. Sosha is now living in a 4000 sq. ft. enclosure.





Pet Finder.Com

Are you looking for a particular kind of breed of dog or cat to add to your family? Pet Finder is a terrific solution! You can locate all breeds in any state by simply filling in your pet request and your location. Pet Finder will lead you to animals that are available in your area for immediate adoption.


Animals on this web site are current shelter animals and have been surrendered by previous owners. Some animals are actually in “foster homes” waiting for a permanent placement. You’ll find every sort of dog or cat on this site, sometimes even AKC “papered” pets. Try out this wonderful resource the next time you are looking for a new friend!



Bright Side Animal Center
1355 NE Hemlock Ave, Redmond OR 97756
Phone: 541-923-0882

BrightSide is a high save shelter focused on sheltering and rehabilitating animals, and equipping them for success in their next home. We believe that every animal who enters through our back door, deserves the chance to leave through our front door with their future secure.

BrightSide is a private organization – a 501c3 non-profit. We are a community shelter – not municipally funded – and receive no direct city, county or state income beyond limited boarding fees for strays, or occasional rescue situations. BrightSide funding comes through Memberships, adoption revenues, grants, donations and other revenue sources (recycling programs, thrift store and more) – driven almost entirely through incredible volunteer efforts.